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Top 8 Things to Do in Dobson, NC

By Sara Branson, Posted on 27 Jan, 2024 at 04:09 pm

Top 8 Things to Do in Dobson, NC

Dobson, North Carolina is an interesting place with plenty of fun things to do. This small city has many cultural attractions and exciting activities to enjoy with a population of just 1000 people. However, it is home to many known best-quality vineyards, serving the best wine in the South. Besides these attractions, it is a great place with awesome dining options and shopping boutiques. As Dobson is situated near the mountains of North Carolina, it houses a great collection of outdoor activities as well. In this blog, we will explore the 8 best things to do in Dobson NC. Each place will provide exciting escapades and exploits for the travelers. 


Taste North Carolina Wine at Shelton Vineyards 

Shelton Vineyards Dobson was established in 1999. This family-owned vineyard was made to give a new origin to agriculture. Previously, it was a vineyard, the land was used for tobacco farming. As this vineyard is situated in Yadkin Valley, the climate of this valley helps a lot in producing wine with great flavors. High-quality soil makes Shelton wine taste exceptional. The grapes harvested here range from Merlot, Chardonnay, and Malbec to Riesling, Tannat, and Viognier. Make sure to visit Shelton Vineyard for a great tour and a flavorful taste of wines. 


The Rockford General Store 

This location is situated some minutes away from Dobson, in the ancient town of Rockford. The Rockford general store teleports people back into historical times. This old country store features a great collection of homemade treats and food. There are plenty of unique candies also present with local crafts. The Rockford General store is known for hosting many food events, such as the Sweet Potato Festivity in September. Their popular food mentions are fried bologna sandwiches and cheeseburger. And you must try their candy treats for your sweet cravings.  


Herrera Vineyards 

This winery is a must-visit among the other Dobson NC wineries. This huge vineyard is owned by Javier Herrera and named after his last name. The owner spent his young years employed at a vineyard in his birth country of Mexico. When he came to America, in the memory of his youth, he planted grapes on his farmland. But as Herrera planted too many grapes, an accidental vineyard was crafted. In present times, Herrera Vineyard is an established vineyard and stands out as a popular winery in the Yadkin Valley. When you visit this location, make sure to have a good tour of this estate and taste the quality wine to elevate your experience. 


Stony Knoll Vineyards 

This vineyard was founded in 1896 and has belonged to the same family for many years. There are various facilities this vineyard provides, from a tasting room to allocated areas where weddings and special events can take place. Their delicious wines and breathtaking views make your experience here great. They have a vast wine collection with a menu showcasing white vines, red wines, and sweet vines. Every wine has unique flavors. The wine lodge located here has beautiful decor with a home-like touch making your stay extraordinary. 


Yadkin River Adventures 

This river is an exemplary place for outdoor activities. Yadkin River Adventures is a local group that offers distinct tours and trips. For further convenience, they also provide rentals for all sports activities. This river is the best destination for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and camping amidst the beauty of majestic mountains. The best part about this venture is having a friendly guided tour of the region. Imagine exploring aquatic wildlife in exquisite mountain regions, this place is best for outdoor lovers. 


Fisher Rivers Walk

Exploring Fisher River Walk is a great escapade in itself. Near the coastline of Fisher River, there is an exciting Fisher River Park. The park features a diverse range of outdoor activities with mind-blowing views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Fisher River is filled with a variety of fish; thus, you can enjoy some fishing here for trout and other wildlife.   This place has a lot of space for sports as well, attracting people who love sports on a large scale. You can easily play softball, soccer, and baseball. There are well-maintained trails as well for walkers or bikers. All these facilities make it an impeccable spot for day trips. 


Lorene's Bakery 

This delightful bakery is best for having fresh cakes and bakery items. This local eatery crafts delectable treats at inexpensive rates. Lorene specializes particularly in making wedding cakes and her red velvet cake is a heaven to taste. Apart from their sweet delicacies, the bakery also features chicken salads, macaroni salads, and pimento cheese for spicy cravings.  


North Carolina Civil War Site 

This rich cultural attraction portrays the lives of soldiers during the Civil War. It is home to many battlegrounds and landmarks that remain today to honor the soldiers of the Civil War. You can meander through the grounds, which were once places where fierce battles took place. The war site provides a perfect display and insights into what it was like to be a soldier in such crucial times of history. Visiting Civil site trails is a great way to travel back through a fascinating time in the past. Along the route, you will find significant historical structures and displays. 

Thus, here comes the end to our exciting exploration of Dobson NC things to do, from exploring the cultural sites to experiencing the exciting outdoor activities, this place has everything for everyone. 

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