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Top 7 Restaurants in Dobson, NC, USA

By Sara Branson, Posted on 30 Jan, 2024 at 07:11 pm

Top 7 Restaurants in Dobson, NC, USA

Let’s Permeate The Taste Buds With Tantalizing Flavors of Dobson Meal!

Located in Dobson Township, Dobson is in Surry County NC, known as “The Wine Country of North Carolina, boasting ample top-quality vineyards.” Dobson has multiple outdoor attractions, quality shopping areas, and things to explore. Oh, did we mention the best restaurants? Restaurants in Dobson NC are absolutely the best catch for those who love food! So, if you are a gourmet explorer, you would love to dive deep into the medley of flavors in Dobson.

We have crafted a guide for you that contains the best 7 Dobson Restaurants that will make you wish for more and mesmerize your taste buds!


Sue's Restaurant:

Sue’s Restaurant is a family-friendly restaurant, set on Main Street in Dobson. The service options of this American restaurant include dine-in and curbside pickup. The customer favorites include Ground Steak Sandwiches, Country Ham, Hamburgers, Scrambled Eggs Sausage Grits Biscuits, Buffalo Wings, Grilled Chicken Salad, One Biscuit Gravy with a Side of Sausage, French Toast, Ground Steak Sandwiches, and Country Fried Steak. Plus, everyday specials are also offered to customers. They also serve delicious breakfasts.


Little Italy Dobson NC:

This Italian restaurant has earned a name for serving delicious Italian cuisines, including pizza on White Street in Dobson. Whether you want to eat pizza, pasta, and chicken, drink soup, or enjoy appetizers, Little Italy Dobson NC boasts all Italy flavors to provide you with a truly unforgettable dining experience. With take-out and delivery options, this place offers some customer favorites that include Chicken Parmigiana, meat lover, Sicilian Pizza, baked spaghetti, cheesesteak Sub, and Shrimp Alfredo.


Golden China Restaurant

Golden China Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant, located on Llewellyn Street in Dobson. The service options include dine-in and takeaway. The customer favorites include sweet and sour Chicken Lo Mein. From appetizers to soup, from Chowmein to Chop Suey and fried rice, Mei Fun to seafood, from beef to vegetables & Tofu, and from side dishes to lunch specials, they serve it all!


Zephyr Boys Grill & Catering

Check it out—when you're in Dobson, you've got to swing by Zephyr Boys Grills & Catering on White Street. This place is like a magnet for all those who crave that smoky, finger-lickin' good barbecue and juicy burgers that'll have your taste buds doing backflips. It's more than just a meal; it's a whole vibe with a side of sizzling grill marks.


Tlaquepaque Mexican Grille & Restaurant

Tlaquepaque Mexican Grille & Restaurant is located on East Atkins Street, offering dine-in and takeaway services. Make sure to try out a house favorite such as fried tortillas with queso fresco and green space, topped up with two sunny-side eggs catered with beans and rice in a family-friendly atmosphere. This one of the best Mexican Dobson restaurants provides an unparalleled dining experience.


The Depot Restaurant at Cody Creek:

This fabulous restaurant is located a mile away from Dobson South on the North Carolina highway and four miles from I-77 among the rolling hills at the Blue Ridge Mountains foot. In tow with a restaurant, there are 4 cozy cabins, a banquet hall, a wedding chapel, a gazebo, and a clubhouse, the perfect sidekick to your culinary journey. The co-owner wife of Freddy, Kathy Snow oversees this restaurant, delivering laid-back vibes and offering an extensive menu that includes staples; steaks, salads & seafood, ribs, and chicken. Moreover, Sundays serve an authentic home-style Southern menu that features fried chicken, pot roast, cornbread, a variety of vegetables, and meatloaf. Moreover get a taste of a delicious dessert made by Kayla, Daughter of Kathy.


The Harvest Grill at Shelton Vineyards, Dobson:

Located on the Shelton Vineyards, The Harvest Grill serves exclusive farm-to-fork dining in an atmosphere of bistro style. Log in for grand tastings, this upscale bistro serves an array of seasonal American meals complemented with tasty house wines. They host various events, offering special menus, Sunday Brunch, and gluten-free meals. Plus, group tours are also available that can accommodate up to 10+ individuals for tastings and tours and dinner or lunch reservations.  Accompanying the place is an 83-acre vineyard estate, featuring 10 distinctive varieties of Vitis Vinifera grapevines.

Wrapping it up, Dobson is the birthplace of the Viticulture Area of Yadkin Valley America, the first-ever recognized region of winegrowing. Not only does it have many attractions, hotels, and activities to offer, but there are multiple wonderful Dobson Restaurants that meet the demands of everyone.

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